Нужен профессиональный перевод.

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These skinning machines could be used in our machine line with the equally good results. However, if other species have to be skinned, then the 47's oscillating knife makes it preferable. Both machines pull the skin off, in the course of which some flesh is lost at the tail as a percentage of total yield, the amount is not important on large fish, say in the 45-47 cm. size range. For smaller fish, the Baader 50, which cuts the skin off, may be better, as no flesh is lost at the tail. However, it does not skin so cleanly as the 47 and 48 - which can be an advantage on pollock or hake, which has a fatty layer between skin and fillet surface.

Although constant improvement in fillet yield is sought and largely achieved, some flesh always remains between the bones. This can now be recovered by means of the new Baader flesh bone separators, but it is desirable first to remove unwanted material such as swim bladder, black belly lining, spinal cord, heart, fins, blood, etc. Baader have now introduced a "frame cutter", integral with the filleting machine or separator which removes these unwanted portions before the bone separation process, ensuring clean, white minced, meat. This can cut to 4 per cent of the head-on, gutted weight.

There is also good meat on the collar bones, which can be separated during heading by the 410, when they can be shed and passed to the bone separator, yielding another 3-4 percent.


Finally, a word about fish too small or unsuitable or fillet production, such as blue whiting. These are often capable of producing good white meet, provided unwanted or unpalatable portions can be excluded.

oleg777 написал 11 октября 2017 12:08

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