Игра слов. Помогите,пожалуйста, перевести

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Marishka83 (LingvoDa) написал 29 августа 2010 10:57

Пожалуйста, помогите перевести игру слов Fire at Will! и Fire at will!
Will - имя мальчика и воля, желание

"Usually when someone yells 'Fire at will!' the fight doesn't last long," said Will. "Everyone turns on me, so I have no chance. I'm outnumbered. It's fun, though," he laughed. "I don't mind."

Erin liked Will's good outlook on life. And he wasn’t upset at all that he got picked on, she thought. Of course, yelling 'Fire at will' was a play on words. It meant to fire as often as the soldiers wished. But Will got the joke, and thought
it was funny even though the kids pulled that trick again and again. She smiled to herself. He saw the sunny side of life.

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мими написал 16 декабря 2010 07:43

Есть русское уменьшительно-ласкательное имя Волька, Воля

Мюмла (LingvoDa) написал 16 декабря 2010 01:43

Я бы сделала сноску с объяснением английской игры слов.