Opinion elite

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Tatyana A написал 26 августа 2004 02:44

For example:
Regular polling over the years has found a deep gulf in immigration opinions between the public and the tiny fraction of Americans who are in the "Opinion Elite" (top leaders of corporations, unions, religion, universities, think tanks, political parties, the federal Administration and Congress).
So what is this opinion elite?
Thank you

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infinity (LingvoDa) написал 26 августа 2004 01:26

скорее всего это "мнение элиты", т.е. мнение коренных жителей, противопоставленное "мнению резидентов", так называемых имигрантов.

П. Палажченко написал 26 августа 2004 05:33

"Элита общественного мнения", "лидеры общественного мнения", "влиятельные круги" - как угодно, но только не так, как в предыдущем сообщении.

Tatyana A написал 26 августа 2004 11:17

Спасибо, Павел Русланович! Мне кажется, лучше всего - "влиятельные круги", поскольку эта самая opinion elite, судя по всему, слишком далека от народа, чтобы иметь отношение к его мнению:

"The recent discussion of elites in Australia has focused on the 'opinion elite'. Many of the assertions that have been made about the opinion elite in recent months, particularly by supporters of the Howard government, have been self-serving nonsense. Nevertheless, there is no denying the fact that some Australians have more influence than others in determining the ideas that are taken seriously in formulating public policy, and that, on many occasions the views of this influential group are not representative of the population as a whole." (Online Opinion, Australia e-journal)

"For months, it has been an article of faith among Washingtonians that the rest of you would catch up to our Flytrap outrage. The combined intellectual might of Washington's "opinion elite"--a phrase used only by those who think they belong to it--would eventually rouse the slack-jawed, slow-witted masses in flyover country from their moral slumber." (about Bill Clinton "Flytrap" affair)