С легким паром!

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Boni (LingvoDa) написал 26 марта 2005 01:37

с легким паром!
I hope you have enjoyed your bath!

Есть ли более точный перевод?

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The translator of President написал 30 марта 2005 02:15

I hope steam was good

Razor написал 05 апреля 2005 07:35

Happy bathing! Have an enjoyable bath!

Boni (LingvoDa) написал 07 апреля 2005 08:56

happy bathing вряд ли подойдет
поскольку человек уже вышел из ванны

Aviator (LingvoDa) написал 14 июля 2005 11:59

According to the native speakers, there are no parallel phrases to this expression.

However, you can't just keep silent when the person you translate for is told "С легким паром" or "Приятного аппетита". For that purpose, one would be forced to use some of the above mentioned and Enjoy your meal! for the latter, no matter how unnatural it sounds.

E.g., in Germany, people would greet each other with the word "Mahlzeit!" around lunchtime.
Translating that into English with a "Mealtime!" would be at least silly.

Food for thought