Это мотивационное письмо. Написано слишком по-русски. Буду очень признательна любому совету и помощи. Спасибо заранее.
Since my study at the college, I became very interested in economics. Thus, at the University, in addition to the basic academic program, I carried out scientific research in this area. In addition, I participated in national and international conferences that have published several articles.
In my last year at the university I started working in logistics. It has allowed me to obtain useful skills and precious experience in this field. Logistics is a new concept for our country. Because of this, it was not getting the attention it deserves. Although I think that the use of logistics will increase the efficiency in both enterprises and the national economy as a whole. Due to combining of theoretical knowledge and practical experience I perfectly defended master's thesis.
Problems in the national economy prompted me to realize the importance of further research and finding resources to improve the situation. My thesis at the graduate school is devoted to a theme of improving efficiency of the enterprise by optimizing the management of manufacturing inventory. Almost all enterprises of Belarus have excess inventory, lack of own funds, lack of an established delivery system, and close links with suppliers. We should pay more attention to study and implementation of scientifically based methods of inventory management, use efficient methods of working with suppliers, and customers. We should focus on these items as they affect the growth of production, decreasing costs, increasing profits, and competitiveness of our goods and commercial success of the enterprises.
I would like to continue research on this topic in the Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena. I know this university has a department dealing with similar issues and having outstanding achievements. This university has a top-quality international level in teaching and research.
The study will give me a excellent foundation in knowledge and improve my qualification. Furthermore, it will provide me with an opportunity to learn modern methods and models, ways of solving problems in the area of inventory management. I hope that results of my research will be implemented in our enterprises to improve the financial condition.
Besides the theoretical and practical material obtained during the study will be used in my dissertation and articles.
Another reason for my desire to study in Germany is an excellent system of education in this country. After finishing graduate school, I will be teaching economic disciplines at my university. While studying I can get acquainted with the methods of Western teaching and use them in my future work.
In addition, international experience will provide an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the culture and traditions of the country. It is extremely broadens the mind and promotes self-development.