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Стас написал 14 июня 2017 04:41

Напишите, пожалуйста

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Профессор Заднестровский написал 14 июня 2017 04:51

Dear friend, how are you?

Стас написал 14 июня 2017 05:15

Это я знаю. Какие часто употребляемые вопросы?

Guest2 написал 14 июня 2017 05:39

Hello, how are you doing these days? Imagine, we're going to Argentine! Have you ever been there? I haven't, nor has my sister (quite naturally - she's 10). I guess, you haven't been to Argentine, either. I heard it's a great country full of places and things worth seeing (and people worth meeting too). What do you think of that?

As to your wedding, I'm using this opportunity to congratulate you both on this great occasion once again and express my highest esteem and best admiration for your bride, who is a really nice and beautiful girl. Please come to us as soon as your honeymoon is over and you are back.

Now, there's a pretty bad news for you. The University enrols no students next year. The reason behind the cancellation is still unclear, they said more details would be available later. I'm so sorry; yet I was obliged to inform you of this. I hope you won't be distressed too much.

Стас написал 14 июня 2017 05:47